Hamburger Hungária Power Plant 2014-2016

    • Greenfield investment, 50MW mixed fuel power station
    • Installation of a full scale grounding and lightning protection system
    • Complete high voltage switching equipment NATUS delivery and installation.
    • Full scale installation of an ABB drive system.
    • Installation of the entire high current cable ladder, cable tray system of the power plant.
    • Delivery and installation of power cables.
    • Building installation systems lighting and plug network Planning and implementation.
    • Optical and power transmission connection of AUMA valves.
    • Programming of ABB frequency changers and SIEMENS Simosec drives.
    • Participation in the full system commissioning.

Viresol Ltd.,
grain processing plant 2018-2019

  • Greenfield investment, the total energy distribution of the plant
  • Installation of 3 pcs of 6 / 0.4 kV transformer stations
  • Construction, cabling, wiring of the complete trail of 16 pcs 6 / 0.4 kV transformers.
  • Design, manufacturing and installation and wiring of 87 field 0.4kV main distributors, distribution controls, operating installation cabinets.
  • Design, wiring and installation of the controlling of SCADA system.
  • Full scale installation of power transmission, low voltage, pneumatic, lighting and lightning protection systems of the manufacturing plants No. 320, 420, 421.

Hungrana 2017-2020

  • B1862 001 Safe Corn Cleaning Concept Project
  • B1853 001 4th Biomass Boiler Project
  • B2065 000 ATEX Conformity in Alcohol Plants Project
  • Full scale installation of a 20 / 0.4 kV transformer station, installation of 20kV wiring.
  • Manufacturing and installation of high current and control engineering distribution equipment.
  • Construction of high current and control engineering cable routes, transporting, pulling and connecting of cables.
  • Connecting explosion proof equipment.
  • Connecting field instruments, loop tests, calibration.
  • Installation of a lightning protection system.

Production of Dunacell Milling WF
distribution equipment 2020

  • Schneider Prisma Plus P 3200 7 field main distribution equipment with encased bus bar connection and PLC control.
  • Manufacturing of lighting distribution equipment
  • Manufacturing of mechanical main distribution equipment
  • Manufacturing of packaging plant technology distribution equipment
  • Manufacturing time: 6 weeks
  • Customer: Dunacell Ltd.

Samsung Göd – 2017

  • Manufacturing of Schneider distribution equipment 120 fields
  • Schneider Prisma Plus P 630A up to 3200A
  • Schneider Prisma Plus G up to 630A
  • Schneider Spacial 630A up to 800A
  • Customer: Schneider Electric Ltd.
  • All major material were provided by the Customer.

Manufacturing of control and distribution equipment for
crimping machine from 2009

  • Manufacturing of technological distribution equipment for various locations worldwide since 2009.
  • Equipment delivered to: New Zealand, USA, China, Thailand, Mexico, Saudi Arabia
  • Manufacturing 50 fields of technological control cabinet for 16 20 crimping equipment annually.
  • Full scale final testing of equipment, documentation.

Further references:

PM7 investment (new paper mill in Dunaújváros), interior lighting, lightning protection and building
electricity installations

LEGO Nyíregyháza: technology installation

PM7 investment (new paper mill in Dunaújváros), installation of a temporary power and lighting network

Payer Industry Ltd. Full scale plant plastic injection moulding technology, relocating of the workshop, and
packing unit from a rented building to a self built factory building

In the area of Hungrana Ltd. Bioethanol plant, power transmission and instrumentation/control
engineering works

Dunaferr PLC. Pickling cold rolling mill electrical and instrumentation works

In the area of Hungrana Ltd. Conversion of corn receiving unit Bioethanol plant, power transmission and
instrumentation/control engineering works

In the area of Hungrana Ltd. Sugar plant expansion, power transmission and control technology
engineering jobs

In the area of Hungrana Ltd. MIXBED instrumentation installations

In the area of Hungrana Ltd. ADSEP instrumentation installations

Cetelem Bank PLC. Budapest, office building in Tölgyfa Street, electric conversion works

In the area of Hungrana Ltd. construction, maintenance, instrumentation and control installations within
the framework of an annual framework agreement

Dunaferr Plc. Coke plant III. exhauster electrical renovation works

In the area of Hungrana Ltd. 03 plant, DEDERT evaporator plant power transmission and control

Dunaferr Plc. electrical maintenance of non production buildings and facilities

Dunaferr Plc. Design and construction of the complete lightning protection
system of the cold rolling mill

Dunaferr Plc. Coke plant II. exhauster electrical renovation works

Groupama Insurance Plc. complete renovation of the electrical and lighting system

Dunaferr Plc. Coke plant V. dry extinguishing electrical renovation

Dunaferr Plc. Coke plant, electrical installation works of a 1000m3 benzene container

ATEV Plc., Debrecen plant, electricity reconstruction works

Pridgeon & Clay installation works on main distributor of electricity supply

Dunafin paper factory, procurement, construction, commissioning of medium voltage

Hungrana Ltd. Gluten house, full scale electrical works

Dunaferr Plc. Coke plant, dry extinguishing electrical renovation

Hungrana Ltd. Replacement of SCA2, SCA3 transformers

Dunaferr Plc. Modernization of the hall lighting of the cold rolling line

Dunaferr Plc. Modernization of the hall lighting of the sheet metal forming workshop

Dunaferr Plc. Coke plant I. exhauster electrical renovation works

Hungrana Ltd. Bioethanol Plant I. electrical works

Dunaferr Plc. Coke plant II, electrical renovation of dry sorting machine

Dunaferr Plc. Coke plant, conveyor electric locomotive refurbishment

Dunaferr Plc. Electrical works of the cold rolling mill grinding machine