About the Amper 99 Ltd.

Our firm is specialized professional electrical works. Amongst national and international clients are some of leading Paper Mill as well as Hot Strip Mill and other industrial establishments.
Design In normal and hazardous areas:
Applied design systems:
- power distribution systems 0,4 kV – high voltage
- lighting systems
- lightning protection
- electrical trace heating
- electrical drives
- process control systems
- process instrumentation
- low voltage systems
- Mechanical technological systems, identical machine parts
Our aim is to achieve:
- maximum customer satisfaction;
- improve high quality of services;
- continuous increase of the company’s market share both domestically and abroad;
- meet the needs of the EU technical, commercial and quality standards.
- Integration of industrial process control systems.
- Construction of intelligent and conventional electrical
  distribution equipment.
- Design, construction and commissioning of control
  systems based on different technological processes.
- Electrical and instrumental field installation.
- Design, construction and service of electrical drives.
- Software and application development.
- Relocation, construction, start-up and
  modification - in accordance with customer
  needs- of complete industrial process lines.
- Implementation in normal and explosive area.
- Design and construction of LV
  and MV power networks
- High voltage electrical
  switchboards manufacturing
- Industrial power transmission
- Industrial control assemblies
- Building electricity installation
- Lighting protection
- Outdoor lighting
- Fire retardant works
Our service offerings are in nutshell:
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