Our predecessor company, the Amper EW was founded in May in 1982 as second corporate community economic work in Hungary. After several transformation bound by law the current form of Amper 99 Ltd. have been working since October 2002 with the same business management from the beginning.

About 1 acre privately owned property gives home to our site, where you can find a newly built assembly hall which total floor area is 1100m2..

Legal representation and contract management system of the Company performed by external organizations. The number of physical employees 30 people, which has minor fluctuation depending on the orders and seasons.We have stable 70-100 men background subcontractors have up to 1 day response time. Our administrative and intellectual workforce of 10 people.
Firstly, we can be provided our works by adequate speed and quality in Dunaújváros headquarters and its 100 kms catchment area, but many works are/were outreach/outreached already the country's borders. We founded an own supplier company in 1993 which woks its actual form since 2003 named MOLKER ELEKTRO LTD moreover its a private owned company in 100 per cent, its scope of activity is the wholesale and retailment of electrical materials.

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